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Group members of LATTE

Group mem­bers of LATTE (Decem­ber 2014)

Bish­wa­jit Debnath

Title: Research Assis­tant
Web­site: http://www.ece.ucr.edu/~bdebnath/
Email: bdebn001@ucr.edu

Bio: Bish­wa­jit Deb­nath received his B. Sc. and M. Sc. in Elec­tri­cal and Elec­tronic Engi­neer­ing from Bangladesh Uni­ver­sity of Engi­neer­ing and Tech­nol­ogy (BUET) in 2012 and 2014, respec­tively. He has joined LATTE lab in 2014 as a grad­u­ate stu­dent researcher. He works on Bose-Einstein con­den­sate in Bilayer 2D TMD mate­ri­als; phonon engi­neer­ing in nanoporous phononic crys­tals; nano-magnetic sim­u­la­tion of Skyrmionic devices; physics and sim­u­la­tion of charge den­sity wave (CDW) devices; quan­tum trans­port (bal­lis­tic and dif­fu­sive regime); ab ini­tio sim­u­la­tion (den­sity func­tional the­ory) of lat­eral and ver­ti­cal het­erostruc­tures; elec­tri­cal and ther­mal con­duc­tiv­ity of 2D and quasi-1D mate­ri­als; and con­fine­ment of magnon, phonons and magnon-phonon inter­ac­tion in nanos­truc­tures. Prior to join­ing UCR, he was a full-time fac­ulty in Elec­tri­cal and Elec­tronic Engi­neer­ing, at Amer­i­can Inter­na­tional Uni­ver­sity — Bangladesh (AIUB).