Welcome to the homepage for the LAboratory for Terascale and Terahertz Electronics (LATTE)!

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Prospective Students

The LATTE lab wel­comes stu­dents at all lev­els: Ph.D., M.S., and under­grad­u­ates. The M.S. and Ph.D. degrees can be in either EE, MSE, or Physics.

Our lab focuses on novel elec­tronic mate­r­ial and device the­ory and mod­el­ing. Use­ful qual­i­ties or expe­ri­ence for work­ing in the lab are the following:

  • Elec­tronic solid-state device-physics
  • Quan­tum mechanics
  • Quan­tum chemistry
  • Den­sity func­tional theory
  • Com­pu­ta­tional materials
  • Par­al­lel cod­ing (MPI)
  • C, C++, F90/95/77 Pro­gram­ming (F90)
  • LINUX user
  • LINUX admin­is­tra­tor

Expe­ri­ence work­ing in the LINUX or UNIX envi­ron­ment is needed. Since we main­tain our own LINUX based com­pu­ta­tional clus­ters, LINUX admin expe­ri­ence is highly valued.

Under­grad­u­ates: There is fund­ing avail­able for both full time sum­mer employ­ment and also aca­d­e­mic year employ­ment at 10 hours/week.

Grad­u­ates: There are cur­rent and future posi­tions for grad­u­ate students.


Con­tact: Roger Lake