Welcome to the homepage for the LAboratory for Terascale and Terahertz Electronics (LATTE)!


The LATTE group works in an inter­dis­ci­pli­nary field that bridges com­pu­ta­tional mate­ri­als and com­pu­ta­tional elec­tron­ics. The group devel­ops and applies the­ory and com­pu­ta­tion to under­stand state-of-the-art mate­ri­als as they apply to elec­tronic, spin­tronic, and ther­mo­elec­tric device per­for­mance. Cur­rent projects include (i) the elec­tronic struc­ture, elec­tronic trans­port, and vibra­tional modes of het­ero­lay­ers of 2D mate­ri­als includ­ing graphene, BN, and tran­si­tion metal dichalco­genides; (ii) topo­log­i­cal insu­la­tors; and (iii) skyrmions for spintronics.
Open source 2D mate­ri­als data­base: Mer­ritt.